Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Glimpse Into A Minature World

 A Macro lens is required to take highly magnified images and macro photography poses its own challenges to the photographer. Now that a macro lens from Canon costs more that 40k, I got myself a macro filter five days back for around 300 bucks and tried my luck on macro photography. Here are some of my first shots...

1. Magical Lights
Here is a twig which is illuminated from the first rays of the morning sun. The flare from the macro filters add to the magic of the moment.

 2. A Fly
Here is a fly seated on a leaf after a sumptuous meal. I am thankful because it kept hoping from flower to flower. As it sat down, I took a shot.

3. A Fly on A Flower

4. A Coloured Insect. 
Probably a good camouflage.

5. A Drip of Pure Joy
Caught a water drop before it could fall.

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