Sunday, August 25, 2013

What I'd Learnt From The Nursing Class

Let me get straight to the point.

I was taking a class on anti-epileptic agents for the nursing students in my college. I made sure I used simpler parlance to communicate medical terms so that everyone would understand the concept behind whatever I said. I tried my best to make it an interesting discussion. I used some "Nursing points" to highlight the role of nurses in the healthcare.

Halfway through the class, I felt the initial enthusiasm slowly die. So I took a little break from the boring Pharmacology content and spoke a little about the importance of nurses in the healthcare system, hoping that it would make them feel more important and would motivate them. But what I could fell is that most of them didn't realize that nursing was an important part of the health care system. Well, I have seen grumpy & arrogant nurses, sweet & pleasant ones too... Whatever, I have always had this opinion: Nursing is at the heart of the health care. Nurses and even doctors are supposed to provide this nursing care to patients.

And then, I asked an offbeat question. I asked how many of them had taken up nursing willingly and how many had come just because of their parents' coercion. I was quite shocked when a good majority of the class, like a mummy come up to life from the dead, raised their voices to admit parental coercion as the cause for their career choice. Their voices resounded of pent up anger, frustration and resentment. That was quite awkward. I shifted back and continued Pharmacology till the end and bid good-bye.

What I've learnt:

  • Most nurses may not know or may not feel the importance of nursing. We NEED TO MAKE THEM FEEL IMPORTANT.
  • Parental coercion (I am sorry if it sounds arrogant) still seems to be a major factor that decides career choice. 

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