Thursday, August 30, 2012

Save water...precious pearls!

You might be asking what's so great in this pic?? It is so common a sight after a rain. Ya true...Nothing gr8 in this pic. But just have a close look at the water droplets. 
-Do you see air droplets inside the water hanging?
-Do you see the different angles of contact that the water drops form with the wire? And the sense of heaviness they bring to your mind?
Little points of natural beauty :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

My Internship FB Updates: Top 10

Below are some of my status updates in Facebook when I was an intern.

Little things I've realised as an INTERN: Part 1
Patient oriented:
1. The morning prick we make when we take blood sometimes keeps paining till evening. So the needle bore, site of puncture should be carefully chosen and done.
2. If patients are informed about why the test has to be done, they are much relieved.
3. Spending 1 min explaining the route to a certain lab/place in the hospital saves their 1 hour of roaming around.
4. I give kids the chest piece of my steth. They themselves keep it on their chest. Less panic :)


Things I've realised as an INTERN: Part 2
Self Oriented:

1. Many may try to belittle you..from consultants to nurses, wardboys and even patients cos you are just an INTERN. Never lose self-esteem. Be humble. Cos your heart knows what you are becoming...
2. At the end of the day, the  positive influences you'd had on others' lives make you happier than the knowledge gained. But of course, knowledge and skills are needed to bring the best in you for patient care.

I'd successfully put an IV line for a 10 day old baby on the very FIRST attempt :-):-)    

Please don't SCARE little children saying "I'll take you to the doctor n he'll give you an injection if you don't...." Children start yelling in fear just as they see me with my steth!! I feel miserable... 

I'm stuck here in a hard shell...pressure from all sides, life getting harder and harder......But deep down here, I'm metamorphosing....silently and patiently...slowly and steadily.....when I fly out I'll be something beautiful :)

I'm in OG Postings :(
Whenever I'm posted in any dept. in INTERNSHIP, I do 3 things:-)
1. Feel that the previous dept. was far better
2. Count the days for the current posting to end
3. Look forward for an easy life in the next posting :-P:-P

I'm Dumbstruck!!
Unfortunately Actinomycin D, a chemotherapeutic drug, is currently not available in JIPMER. A 25 yr old lady, admitted in ward 16, JIPMER, is on chemo regime containing Actinomycin D. She has to buy the drug herself n single dose costs Rs.439.00
She got the first dose with her money. She later confessed to the doctors that she had no money to get other dose.
A group of Junior Residents, OG Unit 2, Jipmer have put their pocket money for her second dose..I was one of them who contributed. :)

Best moments of life: 
Me & my co-intern were involved in the treatment of a lady diagnosed with PRES (Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome) due to severe hypertension. Her BP was very high and her brain was affected. She was disoriented and possibly going into coma. Every 15 min we gave her drugs to bring her BP under control. After around 5-6 hours of aggressive BP control, I'd gone to check in on her. She woke up and spoke to me, "Doctor, can I drink a cup of coffee?"
I had goosebumps !!

"BUSE for all, BUSE for all
BUSE for all d JR said.."
Not tho' the INTERN knew
Someone had blunder'd:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die:
Into the valley of ignorance
Rode the budding medico.

MBBS: when it started, it appeared as a very long and tiring road....
now 5 & a half yrs gone, when it's about to end,
I wish to travel that road again with my friends....
It was fun & frolic all the way.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Looking forward...

My dreams aren't clear and my destination unknown
but I do see light at the other end.
Abialbon Paul

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Photographer's Day

A Photographer may make many negatives, but he creates a positive wave around him.
- Abialbon Paul :)
   You guys make us see the beauty in everyday life!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Waiting for a pair !

Today morn, I'd wasted some 20 minutes of my precious time trying to find a pair. I kept searching for long without luck.

Wait a minute!!! I meant I'd searched for a pair of socks !!

Yeah, whatever I could get was single and without its pair and it was quite frustrating. Of what use is it to have an unpaired socks?? May be I would hang it near the chimney hoping Santa Claus would come by on Christmas eve and deposit some gift for me! After I'd brought down my entire cupboard, I finally succeeded in finding a blue pair and wore it.

Then I went to my shoes. I had these nice pair of shoes for almost three years now. I'd always boasted about them. They were original Italian shoes and were stylish and lasted long. But today as I was putting them on, I noticed that the heel of one of them was badly torn. So torn it was that I would not be able to wear it to work. I was struck with an unpaired shoe.


Of what use it is to have an unpaired shoe?? Useless, isn't it. But now what do I do? I've never gone to work wearing sandals. I was always wore shoes to work. So I took my father's old pair of shoes and polished them so they didn't look unsightly anymore. I wore them to work finally.

Almost a bad start it was! I was a little bit pissed off and it did reflect in my actions. I was harsh and rash in handling things. And then I broke one of the glasses in my spectacles !

And again...

Of what use is an unpaired glass in the spectacles? Useless...  Nothing more to say on that.

Today I was reading a scientific article evaluating some active principle from a plant extract's efficacy in decreasing aging. And you might be knowing that ageing is process that goes on as a result of oxidative injury brought about by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). They are also known as free radicals. I was just lost in deep thought as I skimmed through the article.

Here's an image of the free radical

Here you see the orange coloured atom. That's the culprit. And it behaves like a culprit because it has an unpaired electron. You can appreciate that. This makes the atom to behave violently and attack the DNA of the cell and cause damage. In fact the diagram shows how an antioxidant donates one electron and calms down the unpaired electron.

An unpaired socks
An unpaired shoe
An unpaired glass in the spectacles
An unpaired electron.

An unpaired me !!!

Hereby I come to an understanding that being unpaired will make you useless. Worse still, it might make you destructive as well. And this pairing done inappropriately makes it still more worthless.

So get paired. Properly paired.

All the best!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

You have no idea - The dark side of me...

You absolutely have no idea of the tears that I've shed nor of the pain I've gone through. Yet you judge me based on the little knowledge you have. What you consider success means nothing to me. 

I don't yearn for money. Nor for fame. I desire a peaceful life. For I've undergone so much trouble and discontent that my heart fears to desire anymore. A peaceful day and a peaceful night's sleep is more than enough for me. 

You accuse me of mediocrity. You accuse me of laziness. You accuse me of not fulfilling your dreams.

Do you have any idea of what my dreams are? Do you  know my selfless intentions? Do you know the thoughts of my mind? Do you know the yearning of my soul?

You laugh at me when I fall. You discourage me when I rise up. You compare. 
You tell me I've achieved nothing in my life. You tell me I'll achieve nothing in my life. You mock my ideas. You mock my little achievements

Do you know how often I'm depressed? Do you know how often I wish to sleep but am tormented with pain? Do you know how it pains when I feel lonely?

You talk with everyone. You smile at everyone. But when you see me you are repelled away. You feel I'm so insignificant. You think I have no feelings. 

Do you know how my heart is burdened? Do you know how I long for company?

You think I've some headache. You consider me an headache. You think it's my top excuse. 

Have you felt the pain that torments me? Do you know that suicidal thoughts have come to me in the peak of excruciating pain mixed with depressed feelings? Do you know how I suffer? Do you know that it affects all dimensions of my life?

Yet with all my imperfections, I've have a little ambitious thoughts. My dreams are selfless. I don't think about tomorrow. I'm bent upon making today peaceful for another soul like me.
Because when I see, I can feel the pain of another soul.

You have no idea of the tears I've shed

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Respecting your Alma mater

When I was asked to write something about my stay in JIPMER for my convocation this is the only thing that came to my mind. (See picture below)

I was feeling a bit emotional about what came to my mind. Then I realized Alma mater means "Nourishing Mother" !! (I really realized only at this point of time how this term Alma Mater came to be associated to academic institutions that have shaped us for life)

I feel it is our duty to respect our Alma mater. How??
- We know the shortcomings of our institution. And it always happens to us that when we are still in the institute, we feel something bad about our own institute in comparison to others. (The grass is greener on the other side effect). Let's keep our-self from spreading anything derogatory about the institute. 
-When we accomplish something in life, let's acknowledge our Alma Mater.

Let's love, cherish and respect her. Our Alma mater.