Saturday, August 18, 2012

Waiting for a pair !

Today morn, I'd wasted some 20 minutes of my precious time trying to find a pair. I kept searching for long without luck.

Wait a minute!!! I meant I'd searched for a pair of socks !!

Yeah, whatever I could get was single and without its pair and it was quite frustrating. Of what use is it to have an unpaired socks?? May be I would hang it near the chimney hoping Santa Claus would come by on Christmas eve and deposit some gift for me! After I'd brought down my entire cupboard, I finally succeeded in finding a blue pair and wore it.

Then I went to my shoes. I had these nice pair of shoes for almost three years now. I'd always boasted about them. They were original Italian shoes and were stylish and lasted long. But today as I was putting them on, I noticed that the heel of one of them was badly torn. So torn it was that I would not be able to wear it to work. I was struck with an unpaired shoe.


Of what use it is to have an unpaired shoe?? Useless, isn't it. But now what do I do? I've never gone to work wearing sandals. I was always wore shoes to work. So I took my father's old pair of shoes and polished them so they didn't look unsightly anymore. I wore them to work finally.

Almost a bad start it was! I was a little bit pissed off and it did reflect in my actions. I was harsh and rash in handling things. And then I broke one of the glasses in my spectacles !

And again...

Of what use is an unpaired glass in the spectacles? Useless...  Nothing more to say on that.

Today I was reading a scientific article evaluating some active principle from a plant extract's efficacy in decreasing aging. And you might be knowing that ageing is process that goes on as a result of oxidative injury brought about by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). They are also known as free radicals. I was just lost in deep thought as I skimmed through the article.

Here's an image of the free radical

Here you see the orange coloured atom. That's the culprit. And it behaves like a culprit because it has an unpaired electron. You can appreciate that. This makes the atom to behave violently and attack the DNA of the cell and cause damage. In fact the diagram shows how an antioxidant donates one electron and calms down the unpaired electron.

An unpaired socks
An unpaired shoe
An unpaired glass in the spectacles
An unpaired electron.

An unpaired me !!!

Hereby I come to an understanding that being unpaired will make you useless. Worse still, it might make you destructive as well. And this pairing done inappropriately makes it still more worthless.

So get paired. Properly paired.

All the best!