Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weird reasons on Why Lister House was the second best place on earth!!

  • I absolutely had no responsibilities of keeping my room clean, except on the LOHA week though! But no, I’d to start a month earlier to prevent any temporal association between the two!
  • All services were available at a walk’s distance, 24x7.

Book lending services – Srimant’s room
Noodles corner – Arindam’s room
Internet café – Udit’s room
Tools & accessories, bike etc – Parth’s room
Movie rentals – Udit/ Parth room
Instant tea – Sudarsan’s room
DJ club – Rishab’s room
Bhangra club – Surojeet’s room
Refrigeration – Kislay’s room
A peaceful nap – Bala’s room
A friendly fight – Sakthivel’s room
Gossip – well, enter any room!

  •  All I had was one room. So If I’d misplaced something, it was easier to locate it. If it had been my house, I had to ramshackle a larger surface area.
  • Anything and everything was permitted. Even a movie @ 2am with Rathna Pratheep and Suresh Kumar when we had ward leaving that day!
  • Mini medi-quizzes were often conducted either in my room or bala’s.
  • I always had company. Whether I wanted to make the day productive by reading all evening or just spend it by roaming around Pondicherry, I was not alone.
  • My postal address was very simple. “320, Lister house, JIPMER, Pondy”. Even if the pin code was not written, letters would still land on my lap.
  • If you don’t get the opportunity to go to a cricket stadium for a match, the Lister house TV room is the second best alternative.
  • Lister mess helped my taste buds to get accustomed to any weird taste in the world.
  • It was here that the “eco-friendly man” in me, grew up. At any point of time, if you enter any of the lister restrooms, you’ll find an improperly closed tap leaking. (But you need to exercise great caution on that. Cause once when I touched a leaking tap, that 50 yr. old antique broke completely. What was dripping in drops was now gushing!!)

Whatever said and done, it’s still the second best. (Home is the best place to be on this earth.) However, if free full access was given to enter nearby hostels, maybe I’d rank it the best!! :-p

I am thankful to Dr. Ramachandra Rao for granting me permission to stay in the hostel even when he knew that my house was just 5 min from JIPMER.
Missing my room,
Abialbon Paul