Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What I learnt from my juniors


For the CMC Epidauria Mediquiz 2012, 11 teams from the batch of 2k10 and 2k11 represented JIPMER. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time so many teams have come together from JIPMER to participate in any quiz. And fortunately I happened to accompany them to CMC- Vellore that day.

The prelims consisted of 50 questions. After the prelims got over, there was a brief discussion of the answers. I went to each team to enquire how much they’d score.  Some of our teams had scored 35-37 while one team scored 40. I’d expected the cut-off to be around 35.

One of the girls’ team consisting of Dharanya, Vinodhini K and Hemavathi had scored only 32. They had made some silly mistakes. I was sad because I’d lot of expectations on this team. They had performed consistently well in both the mock quizzes that I’d conducted. Guessing that I was a little upset, Vinodhini told me that JIPMER team would surely get selected and that JIPMER would surely win. Thought she was disappointed too, she was happy about her fellow team getting selected.

What astonished me was the absence of even a speck of jealousy! These people had worked hard to win, yet they had a strong sense of togetherness.  

Well, what happened is quite well known. JIPMERites rocked the quiz. All the six teams selected for finals were from JIPMER. Obviously the three prizes went to JIPMER.  Vinodhini’s team aka The Terror team also got selected and they came third.

When Spiders unite they can tie up a lion !!