Friday, August 24, 2012

My Internship FB Updates: Top 10

Below are some of my status updates in Facebook when I was an intern.

Little things I've realised as an INTERN: Part 1
Patient oriented:
1. The morning prick we make when we take blood sometimes keeps paining till evening. So the needle bore, site of puncture should be carefully chosen and done.
2. If patients are informed about why the test has to be done, they are much relieved.
3. Spending 1 min explaining the route to a certain lab/place in the hospital saves their 1 hour of roaming around.
4. I give kids the chest piece of my steth. They themselves keep it on their chest. Less panic :)


Things I've realised as an INTERN: Part 2
Self Oriented:

1. Many may try to belittle you..from consultants to nurses, wardboys and even patients cos you are just an INTERN. Never lose self-esteem. Be humble. Cos your heart knows what you are becoming...
2. At the end of the day, the  positive influences you'd had on others' lives make you happier than the knowledge gained. But of course, knowledge and skills are needed to bring the best in you for patient care.

I'd successfully put an IV line for a 10 day old baby on the very FIRST attempt :-):-)    

Please don't SCARE little children saying "I'll take you to the doctor n he'll give you an injection if you don't...." Children start yelling in fear just as they see me with my steth!! I feel miserable... 

I'm stuck here in a hard shell...pressure from all sides, life getting harder and harder......But deep down here, I'm metamorphosing....silently and patiently...slowly and steadily.....when I fly out I'll be something beautiful :)

I'm in OG Postings :(
Whenever I'm posted in any dept. in INTERNSHIP, I do 3 things:-)
1. Feel that the previous dept. was far better
2. Count the days for the current posting to end
3. Look forward for an easy life in the next posting :-P:-P

I'm Dumbstruck!!
Unfortunately Actinomycin D, a chemotherapeutic drug, is currently not available in JIPMER. A 25 yr old lady, admitted in ward 16, JIPMER, is on chemo regime containing Actinomycin D. She has to buy the drug herself n single dose costs Rs.439.00
She got the first dose with her money. She later confessed to the doctors that she had no money to get other dose.
A group of Junior Residents, OG Unit 2, Jipmer have put their pocket money for her second dose..I was one of them who contributed. :)

Best moments of life: 
Me & my co-intern were involved in the treatment of a lady diagnosed with PRES (Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome) due to severe hypertension. Her BP was very high and her brain was affected. She was disoriented and possibly going into coma. Every 15 min we gave her drugs to bring her BP under control. After around 5-6 hours of aggressive BP control, I'd gone to check in on her. She woke up and spoke to me, "Doctor, can I drink a cup of coffee?"
I had goosebumps !!

"BUSE for all, BUSE for all
BUSE for all d JR said.."
Not tho' the INTERN knew
Someone had blunder'd:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die:
Into the valley of ignorance
Rode the budding medico.

MBBS: when it started, it appeared as a very long and tiring road....
now 5 & a half yrs gone, when it's about to end,
I wish to travel that road again with my friends....
It was fun & frolic all the way.....