Saturday, August 4, 2012

Respecting your Alma mater

When I was asked to write something about my stay in JIPMER for my convocation this is the only thing that came to my mind. (See picture below)

I was feeling a bit emotional about what came to my mind. Then I realized Alma mater means "Nourishing Mother" !! (I really realized only at this point of time how this term Alma Mater came to be associated to academic institutions that have shaped us for life)

I feel it is our duty to respect our Alma mater. How??
- We know the shortcomings of our institution. And it always happens to us that when we are still in the institute, we feel something bad about our own institute in comparison to others. (The grass is greener on the other side effect). Let's keep our-self from spreading anything derogatory about the institute. 
-When we accomplish something in life, let's acknowledge our Alma Mater.

Let's love, cherish and respect her. Our Alma mater.