Friday, August 9, 2013

The Warmth of Tender Love

The 9th August, 2013. Today. I would consider it one of the luckiest days of my life. It's Ramazan, a festive of our Muslim friends and I happen to be at home today. It's been raining continuously since yesterday evening. Morning, I woke up early and was wandering around through the garden that surrounds my house on all sides. My dad was already there and he had spotted something. It was a cute little living thing, drenched completely in rain and very cold. It couldn't move. As my father lifted it in his hands, it showed no signs of resistance. My sister saw the cute little bird and wanted it in her hands...

Initially she was a bit unhappy with us meddling with her. However, as we held her in our warm soft hands, she seemed to enjoy our company. My sister stroked it lovingly.

Then I took her in my hands and put some of my photography skills to use. 
You can view my photography page here.

Then we dried her as gently as possible, gently stroking her and blowing warm air over her. She was thoroughly comfortable with it. We warped her with a warm casing and she slept off in the warmth of it.

She's asleep now as I write this. When she's warm and ready, she'll fly off out of the window and she will be gone for ever. I hope she'll always remember the warmth of our love.