Friday, August 16, 2013

The Heart vs. Brain Battle

Dear Heart,
You have been bestowed with the gift of automaticity. Kindly remember, you have no right of autonomy. Don't decide upon matters without my consent and get into deep trouble.
Take care,

Dear Brain,
You may have control over every other dumb things out there but not on me. You keep thinking too much and too long and you keep judging everyone. Life is just too short and I cannot be waiting for your order that keeps delaying as doubts keep flooding you. Life is all about do or die. Life is about being daring. Life is about keeping hopes high. Haven't you heard of "matters of the heart"? So kindly leave them to me.
Beating for you,

Dear Heart,
Don't be too stupid. There's no way of staying away from judging people. You do it all the time. You judge people to be too good and get hopelessly hurt every time. Don't ever question of my authority, you bloody fool. When you are sick and can beat no more, people will throw you away and replace you. But if I am gone, you'll start rotting right away! Last time you made a rash decision and you put us all in deep trouble. You kept pounding so hard and left me no time to think. You almost broke the rib cage. And then you get badly hurt and go fluttering like a flag. You've gone too frail to do any more leaps. Everything you do is almost mindless, because you fail to get counsel from me. Stop taking us on roller coaster rides and bring no more devastation upon us.
Get lost,

Go to hell.
- Heart

Respected members of my body,
This is to notify you of a mutiny that has broken out amongst us. Hereby, I command you not to take orders from the heart. He has become too autonomous. He keeps taking rash decisions and hopes too high. Remember the last time he got hurt and left some of you bleeding, crying and groaning and in lots of pain? Remember how we were sleepless and burnt ourselves mourning along with that fool. So, from now on, wait for my order. I may tarry a bit, but I shall weigh the risks and benefits fairly in the light of all the experiences gained. I shall also act in accordance with the advice of those aged brains with more experience & wisdom. I am not saying that I would defer from taking up challenges, that I shall not love or hope etc. No. I shall do them diligently. I shall also plan for rescue measures beforehand if one of our steps had to fail, so that we can bounce back and not be knocked out, cold & hurt. I expect your full cooperation.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

P.S. Dear stomach, butterflies can’t enter you. Please stop bothering me with that. It’s just a silly trick that the heart plays on you. And dear eyes, don’t lose control and follow that girl the moment you see her. Last time you did and the forehead hit a lamp post. He’s been complaining all day to me. Behave yourselves.

[This is just a funny take on the heart-brain battle. There is no imitation or mockery of anyone's personal matters. Any references to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.]

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