Friday, September 7, 2012

Saw what I never saw !

7th Sept, Friday 7:45 am: Didn't have my morning dose of caffeine! My mother reports that she has run out of coffee powder. I get a little irritated with her for not maintaining stock but then I realize that I too have an equal responsibility as I've grown up now. Today I'll be on night duty. 8pm - 8am next day. So I've today's morning free to take rest and get prepared for burning the midnight oil.

I walk out of my bed. I quickly cleanse my mouth. I open my cupboard. I take out my camera. :-) I've been taking photos in and around my house for the past one month. I feel I've exhausted all possibilities. I feel whatever I shoot would only be a repetition. 
click on pic to enlarge

As I keep moving, I come across a plant with many pale-ugly-red coloured flowers on it. We have this plant for a long time now. And I never found the flowers attractive and I've never captured them in a photograph. Today since there're no birds chirping on tree tops, no dogs wagging their tails and following me nor any rose in full bloom, I decide to take a picture of the pale-ugly-red-coloured flower.

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But what I see in the viewfinder of my camera amazes me. For the first time ever, I see something beautiful on this plant. There is an yellow star inside the not-so-very-good looking flower. And around that yellow star, the petal bends formed a beautiful pentagon with yellowish white spot at the corners.

Never in my life have I stopped to notice this. Never. If not today, I would have never ever!

This kept me thinking for a while. **Synaptic sparks **
I just saw a beautiful yellow star within something which I considered insignificant!

So what have I learn't from today morning's photo session?

There will be people around you whom you consider irritating, annoying or even bad. But those impressions might be a result of judgement based on a blurred view. By focusing on their positives, your interpersonal relationship with them improves and this further brings out the best in them.