Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Barfi! - Not a review!

I am not a movie reviewer. I am not a movie critic. I not any of the actor's fan-boy.
(Well, if your internal voicing system came up with "Well, who the hell are you then?", I'm just a blogger @ blogger.com :)

Normally I don't take any initiative to watch a movie. My friends usually call me and book tickets for me. I just go with them. First time ever, slept just one hour after a grueling night shift @ JIPMER, caught a bus to Chennai, watched Barfi! at the Sangam Cinemas and  returned back to Pondy on the same day.
No idea why I did that but I never thought this trip would end up a little life enriching!

The movie Barfi is about how three young people learn that love can neither be defined nor contained by society's norms of normal and abnormal. That was beautifully portrayed using excellent acting talent with minimal dialogues, beautiful screenplay, amazing cinematography & a heart touching storyline.

Bounce back !
Barfi, a deaf mute, lost his mother at birth. You can imagine what a tragic life it would be. In spite of all his negatives, Barfi is always colourful with a smile. You might say this is fiction!!! Wait a minute! There were times when he got totally dejected and lost his temper. He wanted to yell but even a little sound he could never make (like when Shruthi betrayed his love or when Jhilmil kept following him like mad). What did he do? He rapidly came back to his senses put a smile on everyone's face. 

Value people. Especially the ones who value you.
We don't realize the value of someone unless we lose them. It may then be that God deliberately brings minor break ups or tragedy into some of our lives so that we realize our blunted affect and move on with more passion.

Seek higher help!
Whenever some difficult decision was due, Barfi would do something strange. He was probably asking for a sign. He would bring down a lamp post and see if it would hit a bottle he kept in front of it. If it, then he would boldly do ahead with what he had in his mind.

Unexpressed love is worse than Hatred !
Love is not an emotion to be stored in the heart. Of what use it is to have a swollen up heart full of love which is not expressed. And to express it, you don't need words. Love is a verb and what you do matters. From expressing his love to caring for the one he loved, Barfi was full of action.

A good friend makes the life's hard journey bearable.
We couldn't notice Barfi's disability because of two reasons. One was his cheerfulness and presence of mind. The other was his friend's constant support. To write a love letter or a ransom note, his friends put their share.

Day to day, me make so many choices either knowingly or unknowingly. But there are some important choices that we need to be very careful about;  made wrongly, it could lead to a life of regrets. Shruthi was way too quick to make a choice which she regretted her whole life. (Ironically she saw her mother regretting a very similar bad choice). It is very important to note that though we can do something later to partly reverse the changes, the consequences can never be fully reverted back.

Disability is a disability when you call it so.
As I said earlier, it was hard to realize that Barfi or Jhilmil was disabled. They never focused on it. I felt they were living their lives one day at a time, enjoying their journey of life.