Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fun as a Final Year (True Love @ the cafe)

From my diary (random incident):

Tomorrow is my Pediatric Nephrology test. Haven't read anything till now (5.30pm already). But I did listen well during the lectures and I'm a little confident that I can finish reading for the test(over confidence, probably). But there's sure a fear gripping my troubled trembling mind. 

Whenever I have such a fear of failing miserably, I try to search for company. I dial Sakthi's number. By sheer luck, his mobile is reachable! (usually it's switched off because it's left uncharged!). He tells me that he's yet to start reading too. I feel overjoyed :-)
Neither of us have the habit of taking notes in the class. So we usually borrow some girl's notes, take xerox of it and use it as our reading material. (A very heart felt thanks to those girls who helped us!). This time, Sakthi has already got the notes from Pushkey. So Sakthi & me decide to read together all night for the test. We start at around 7 pm and keep reading (sincerely) (mostly out of fear!!)

10:00 pm - We've finished more than 40% of the syllabus !

12:30 am - We've finished almost 70% of the syllabus !

12:45 am: We decide to go to Cafe Coffee Day and have a large dose of caffeine so we can finish the rest of the syllabus and do some revision too...!!

1:00 am: We've reached Coffee Day with out notes in our hands. We order our cappuccino. We sit there at the silent lounge and start discussing & revising whatever we'd learnt.

1:15 am: Our tall glasses of coffee are ready! We decide to give our discussion on pediatric nephrology some rest and we start sipping away our coffee.

This is not our coffee. This was shot at a later date!!
As we enjoy our caffeinated drinks, we start gossiping! At first, it's about the new pairs(couples) that have been formed in our batch. We also discuss the broken up relationships. We then turn to tease each other with what we assumed were each other's crushes. 

Then the topic of what "True Love" meant, popped in. Each one of us came with the concept of what we thought was pure and appreciable form of love. We had little disagreements. So we started supporting our viewpoints with quotes and anecdotes. What started as a simple gossip was now a heated debate. The long altercations we were having was thrilling.

2:45 am: The moment we see our watches and say "SHIT"!!

3:00 am: Hurriedly we reach our hostel room.

Sakthi: "Take out the notes, we'll finish the rest 30% and go to sleep"
Me: "Dude, stop kidding. You have the notes, don't you?"

Sakthi & me (at the same time!) : Shit !!! (We had left it @ the Café)!!

I don't remember what happened after that. Probably we blamed each other for leaving the notes at the Café and soon we slept off.

What happened to the test?
We rocked it!! as usual :))