Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Long & Winding Road - A Tribute To The One Who'd Share The Journey

The long and winding road,
Lonely, I’d always trod.
The colours of the evening sky,
Comforts me in vain as I walk by.

There’s no place I’ll have to reach,
There’s no purpose that I’d preach,
There’s no reason to hurry,
No happiness, nothing to worry.

I felt so cold, I felt so numb,
Waiting for my princess to come.
For one thing, I’d asked of the Lord,
To bring some music, to strike a chord.

The sun went down,
Dark, it had already become.
I closed my eyes,
Beneath the dark greying skies.

From my peaceful slumber,
Woken by a light like thunder,
For a moment, I was distraught;
Will no peace follow me, I thought.

A pleasant sun, did the morning bring,
Like magic, my autumn had turned to spring.
Little birds at their squeaking best,
Filling the air with happiness and zest.

In a day, life was all changed,
Joy like never before, fully experienced.
I looked around, hoping someone be seen,
There in all her beauty, stood my precious queen.