Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Best Teachers Often Did Not...

The best teachers often did not teach us everything. They shared a little knowledge but left us with an irresistible desire to learn and to know more.  

The best teachers often did not look for trophies nor valued us for our accolades or marks. They saw our deep selves. They saw what we were capable of becoming when we were just germinating seeds.

The best teachers often did not point out the road and forced us to follow. They illuminated our minds so that we were capable of finding our own life’s paths.

The best teachers often did not force respect or admiration. Every act they performed, they did it with so much care, concern and love that it made them worthy of all respect and admiration.

The best teachers often did not compare us with the rest. They respected individuality, knew our capabilities and pursued us till we reached our best.

The best teachers often did not condemn. They showed us how much they had believed and hoped in us that we often were left dismayed to have disappointed them which motivated us to do better out of showing respect in return.

The best teachers often did not criticise. They showed us what was the right and the perfect way for us to follow.

The best teachers were often not only the school teachers nor college professors. They were ordinary people whom we meet on the roads. They shared their knowledge and their experience without expecting anything in return.

The best teachers always feed encouragement, ignited hope, inspired imagination and fostered originality and creativity. 

Thank you dear teachers for illuminating our minds with light that enabled us to find our life’s path. I owe you for what I am today. May God bless you & your family with health and happiness and may you continue to touch many more lives for good.