Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Cover under the Wings

The photo here has a lot of emotions and is one of the best I've ever taken. 

We have few hens for pets in our house. The one in the pic laid eggs and after 3 weeks of incubation, 6 cute little chicks hatched out. We keep the mother and the little hens in a separate room outside in our backyard to protect them from stray dogs and eagles. It has been two weeks since the chicks were born when the photo was taken. The mother hen recognizes everyone in our family. It feels safe when we are around or when we feed them. 

The day this photo was taken, my cousins visited us. The moment they peeped into the room to have a look at the chicks, there was commotion in the room. The little ones were scared. They ran to their mother and hid themselves under their wings. You can see them popping their heads out for my photo-shoot ! The mother hen was scared as well. I could see that in her eyes. However she seemed ready for a fight to save her little ones. 

Seeing this, I took a picture and we left the place, leaving them alone.

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