Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting trained for marriage !

Training seems to be an absolute requirement these days!

Starting from the toilet training we had as young children, we continue to receive training of various sorts irrespective of whether we like it or not! 
I had to undergo 14 years of school training, 5.5 years of basic medical training and now 3 years of MD and further 3 years of DM. Not only these, even smaller periods of training, I had. Like the Bible training I had at Church, the training for PG thesis, training for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring etc...etc..
I also trained myself in Photography & basic post processing techniques.

After all these years, I can realize the value of training and the effect that it had on me. So I begin to ponder are people being trained to become better spouses/parents? Though I have some 2 or 3 years more probably before I'd get married, I feel I should get trained to shoulder the responsibilities that would arise.

Yes, we had Moral science classes at school, but I feel a greater need for more enlightenment into the principles that have made better spouses/parents.

So how??

As of now, I am not very sure as to how! But I see certain ways it can be done. I'll draft a plan how I can get this done. I going to train myself.
Here, I put some of the some ideas, I've got.

The Golden Principle:
I realize that I have some expectations of how my spouse should be. So would she, with expectations of how I should be.
So my plan is to make a list of qualities I desire to see in her and cultivate it in me. 

I also would read good books on this subject. Not those self help books. Books like "The Love Dare", I mean.

Maybe after drafting my plan, I would blog it. You can share your ideas with me too. 

- :-)

Have a nice week ahead.