Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dog Induced Synapticsparks!

We have two little puppies at our house. Both around a month old.
I was playing with them. I took out some biscuits and offered them.
They didn't eat. They didn't even bother to sniff the biscuits. They moved away.
I threw the biscuits nearer to them but it only frightened them as if I were throwing stones.
I realized they've never seen biscuits in their lives !

Now I sat back and did some thinking (synapticsparks)...
Don't we tend to do this when new & challenging opportunities seek us? Don't we, at times, turn back and flee with fright? 

I hope I've transmitted the synapticspark to you. I leave the rest of thinking to you :)

If you've got another synapticspark or feel this is a good one, do let me know through your comments or message. Thank you :)