Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Unexpected Win !!

The TIMES PHOTO JOURNAL ( conducts photography contests often. Last week, the topic was "Everyday life". I'd also joined and submitted three pics as per the contest rules. The online competition is a huge one. The page has around 66,000 subscribers. Around 550 budding photographers participated! 1340 photographs were submitted. 15 photographs would  judged as finalists by eminent judges.

Now...I was posted in the Emergency Medical Department during the time while this contest was announced. So I'd submitted pics which I'd clicked earlier. Though I had some better ideas, I did not have the time to go out and shoot them :( These were the photos, I'd submitted.


By God's grace, somehow, my photograph (the first one on the left) was selected among the top 15 (out of 1340). I'm so happy. Here's the certificate they mailed me :)

I'm totally out of words. I just don't know what to write more :). 
Thank you every one for the support & encouragement. 

 Photography because it's a perfect blend of 
Mathematics + Optical Physics + Creativity !
-Abialbon Paul