Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Tribute to my Teacher: The Man Who Would Never Stop Encouraging

It's hard to imagine how just a few words could have such an influence on someone's life so much. So much that you tend to go back and play those memories in your mind and remain eternally grateful to that mortal being. 

Those were hard times. Life seemed like one of Robert Frost's poem. The only difference: the road I had taken didn't seem to be the right one. Pitifully for me, there was no way of going back. Pulling myself forward was equally worse. Trying to remain content with what I had often never last long. Everyone and everything around me only reminded me of the harsh reality of how my choices would have been different if I had taken the other road.

Over the years, I guess, I have grown a little wiser (maybe not). I have learnt to go with the flow. I have learnt how life is about living and not, necessarily, having things. I have learnt to enjoy life in my own terms. I learnt to define happiness and experience it to the fullest. I had learnt to let go of expectations that would leave me drained. I had stopped being competitive. Because you lose your confidence in yourself and those around you. Often, such a person is considered to be mediocre. But I still had the fire dormant within. My life was no worse. But I was made to feel worser and worser, every passing day.

And then came this man. He had been my teacher. He had influenced my life earlier too. I had met him after, maybe, 8 years. On seeing me, he recognised me. On hearing my life’s decisions, he was genuinely happy and proud of me. He told be that I would be one of the best in my field.

Sometimes, God sends out his chosen to find worthy people who’ve lost their fire in a cold cold world. Magically they appear and rekindle that little warmth within you, long after you’d forgotten it. They gently rub and polish you and put back that brilliant sheen back on you.

He visited me again on my wedding. He came up with a gift. He looked at my wife and said “You are indeed lucky, He was one of the best of my students”

As that humble human being walked away, I felt awe fill up my heart. This man never ceases to encourage me.

May you live longer! 

May every teacher out there who imparts knowledge & wisdom, who encourages and builds up character, who lights the part and leads the weary ones be blessed. 

I wish you all a happy teachers’ day.