Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Angel Wears Raincoat

On a November morning, when the dark clouds crowded over the busy town, when the gravitational pull on me when I'm on my cosy cosy bed went extremely high, it rained.

For some reasons, I have always been in love with the rain all through my life. Turning into a 24 year old, I still had those beautiful feelings for running around in the rain, dancing getting drenched, jumping around in the muddy puddles. It has always been my ambition to be happy with whatever I've got and to be the best I can be. (Well, yes, the rain does bring philosophical thoughts too to me)

Rolling down out of my bed, staggering around I went about getting ready for work. I have to confess by the time I was ready to leave home, I was getting blasé about the day’s work. And to add to that, a little irksome mood kept peeing out as I had to go through the beautiful rain to boring work.

The cold engine revved up and I was on my way to JIPMER.

The road ahead was busy as people were walking with colourful umbrellas, parents accompanying their school going children and college busses on the mundane trips. The traffic did not do me good. I was frowning already.

500 meters ahead, I could see a slender figure standing right in the centre of a busy road and swaying irregularly. Another victim of the effect of alcohol, I thought. As I was moving close to him, I was fuming. There was a little commotion around him.

As I approached near, I realised that the slender not-so-tall middle aged guy was wearing a raincoat and was standing right in the centre of the road and waving to the vehicles to move on either side of him. Curiosity replaced my little irritation completely.

Almost very close to him, I realised that there was an electric overhead cable that was cut and lying on the road. This guy was standing right in front of it and signalling people so that they would avoid it and not run into it. For a moment, his eyes caught mine staring at him so intensely. He waved his hands and I obeyed subconsciously.

I kept moving.

I took a turn and exited the main road and continued on my way…


For the Angel who wore raincoat.