Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thank you, Google Reader, will miss you lots!

Shocked. Sad. Grieved. Disappointing. Frustrated. Angry. Helpless. Hopeless. I was all.

Ha, ha, I am not a drama queen, but I was indeed affected when I read the news. Yesterday, Google announced that it would shut down its Google Reader service from July 2013 as a part of their spring cleaning ritual. 

Now this comes as a big time disappointment for me. I've been using Google Reader to keep sync of all my RSS feeds across my devices. On my laptop, on the web and on my android mobile. I check out around 30-50 articles everyday on various topics: Photography, Android news, Technology, Inspiration, Science, etc. etc. (Now, If I read an article in my mobile, it will be marked read in my laptop also. So i don't have to go through it again. If I save an article for later reading in one device, it will be saved in all!)
Thankfully there are many other RSS readers out there. But where will I find one which will keep me synced across all the platforms I use and one which I will love? 

There has been a varied response in the internet media about this decision of Google. Some people just didn't bother. But most of them, who found it useful like me, got angry and frustrated. Some very disappointed. 
I am a little disappointed too. But still, it was a totally free service. So no one can complain, I feel. And I am so thankful to Google for giving us Google Reader till now. Will miss it a lot when it's gone.