Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Truth behind Facebook 'likes'

I'm just a novice but there are certain things that frustrate me bigtime.

Till date, I've come to know about 8-9 online photography contests of which I have participated in three of them. In one, I won! (just as I'd expected). The second, I did not (just as I'd expected). And one more, results pending (I don't have much expectations on this one either).

Except for the contest in which my photo won, all the other online photography contests had 'Facebook likes' as the only criterion (or) one of the criteria to be judged as winner !

Now that puts serious questions to my mind:

1. If the no. of 'Facebook likes' was the criterion, why do you need a jury to judge the winner? 

2. What does the no. of 'Facebook likes' have to do with photographic talent? Is it a photography contest or a contest for the maximum no. of Facebook friends?

3. With Facebook's "Promote Your Posts" feature, people could pay for advertising their posts and get more 'likes'. Now where is the competition?

Now, as I come to understand, the major reason behind an online photography contest is to advertise. The firm which conducts the photography contest easily increases its page views and 'likes' using the participants' posts. (One of the obligatory requirement is to 'like' their contest/product page for ENTRY into the contest) 
OK, the contest is open free of cost. So what? I can return their favor by liking their page and sharing their posts. But judging a photograph by the number of 'likes' is nothing but absurdity. In effect, these contests reward the participant who has marketed well for their page! 

Change the rules! or don't call it a photography contest !
So with all other contests !

Disclaimer: I'm not ranting because I did not win a online photography contest ! (I did win one)!