Tuesday, February 14, 2012

'Love'oma and its complications

“True love is like a cancer that arises in the heart
And permeates your soul
Until you lose yourself selflessly for the other”
-Abialbon Paul

But true love is a rarity. Let’s talk of the common ones, the ones that we often see around- the loveoma. The incidence of loveoma is on the rise. However its prevalence remains low indicating that it is either a fatal/short lived entity. It is gender non-specific and age independent too. Considering marriage as the successful endpoint, complications arise when the loveoma turns malignant (either when the proposal is blatantly rejected or the courtship ends one day with an “it’s all over, bye”). 

And the complications are multi-systemic, varied in manifestation and severity.  Decreased appetite and sleep, poor academic performance, depression are a few of them. Some start smoking, boozing and using drugs as well. It can affect others as well. When I was in my hostel, one senior used to stand in the corridor just in front of my room talking to his GF on his mobile, and chain smoked his cigars. I had to move to the reading room to avoid the smell. And reading room, you know…(is often packed of young couples)

However the interesting point is: The well differentiated a loveoma is (i.e. tending towards true love) the more severe the complications are. The undifferentiated ones suffer less. For them it’s just a failed attempt in finding their soul mates or still worse, it’s just a time-pass.

So is Loveoma not as benign as it sounds? Is prevention possible? 

“Love and Death come uninvited. 
And when they come, they bring trouble along”

Loveoma arises sporadically but true love is a different entity altogether. True love is a highly effort dependant self-acquired habit. Selflessness and willingness to sacrifice are its top qualities. Practice, patience and persistence can make true love truly possible. This might sound like “perfectionism” but the truth is: Perfection is not elusive. It only has to be chased with an indomitable will. It is better to ask God for wisdom and a heart full of true love, instead of the material benefits, for they are the fountain of life.  This was the advice I’d received long back.

May God bless you! Take care!

(Apologies : This post might make sense only to those who are medicos. But I promise that my fothcoming post shall not be packed with the medical lingo!)

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