Sunday, July 21, 2013

Love letters to the wind - Always By My Side

The problem with reading a Nicholas Sparks novel is that it can create a romantic spark in you. And so here, I've have written a love letter (quite in formal language :-p) expressing some aspect of love which might be of some trouble between couples. I hope to write a series like this occasionally as and when it sparks since I have no lover to mail it to. But when I finally meet her, she can read this and ....

My dearest 2B Y-If,

Let me spill out my heart to you, the entirety of it, holding nothing to hide. It is my real desire that you always stay at home, never go out for work, and take care of the household and our kids. And the reason for this is no male chauvinism. I have better reasons to exact such sacrifice from you. 

Do not consider the job of the homemaker to be menial or trivial, I've always regarded it a noble profession, often paid too less and deprived due recognition. The fact that you'll put your entire heart here, will sure make our home like heaven. Our children will grow up with the loving and tender care that I often felt I was deprived of. As important as this is, I also feel you'll be free from the pressures of work. The less strain on your body and mind will preserve your angelic beauty from time. I'll always have you with me when I am back home from work, to relieve me from the tiring day's work with your gentle strokes of tender love.

But look at you! Though I've known you only for a little time now, I feel a deeper connection with you. I feel I've known you since your birth. I can see how you grew up with so many dreams and desires. I can imagine of the answers you'd have come up with when teachers would have enquired you of  future ambitions. I can see how much of untiring effort you've put into turning those dreams into reality. Every morning, you had put the sun to shame, toiling hard & harder, slowly rising up to fame. I do not wish to trample on your hopes and flush them down the drain. 

Go into the world and show them what a strong and resolute woman can do. Soar high like a refreshing fountain that never runs dry. Be successful; I want to see all smiles and happiness on your face. I shall be of support in everything you wish to do. I do wish you the best for a successful career. I promise to be of extreme help and I never shall hinder.

But here's my request to you: Reach for the stars and soar high, but do so with one hand. Yes, with one hand only! With the other hand, hold on to mine. Always. Don't regard me as a weight pulling you down! Never! But wherever you soar, let me follow. I'll be proud of you and help you in every endeavour.
All I want is you always so close.

Yours in love,