Friday, June 21, 2013

Go, go... Ego !

This is about what happened some three years ago.
I just got reminded of it now and it makes me feel so sad, bad and mad !

When you tell someone you really care about, that that he was wrong and you are hurt, what response do you expect?? 

I have been a good friend as much as possible. We all have weakness. We have had fights before. When he was hurt and started a fight with me, I tried to speak, explain and sort things out. I tried my best to explain my situation and show the perspective from my side. There were many a times when I simply had to asked SORRY even if it was never my fault. Why? because I valued the relationship. Because when both get angry, any relationship becomes highly unstable. The fact that many a times I said SORRY was because he was furious and I wanted to save the relationship.

So at a time, when I was hurt and I tried to communicate that, I was quite polite and trying to sort the matters out. But the shocking thing happened. He was hurt because I said he was wrong! His hurt ego erupted a volcano hiding within him as if it waited for a perfect moment to explode. He used that occasion to accuse me of many many things which were of no practical concern. He was literally pouring oil in the burning fire.

I realized one thing. I was concerned in saving the relationship, he was concerned with his hurt feeling & puffing ego. It was idiotic. To stop the fire, I had to apologize again. 

We all have weaknesses. We commit idiotic errors at times without common sense. But in any relationship, at least one should put the relationship in front of their ego during a fight. And if the same person is going to do that every time, it's a highly unstable relationship again. 

I have so much of EGO. But day by day, I've am learning to put it down and trample it over my feet. It's worth it when it mends a broken smile on someone, relieves a hurt relationship or revives a dying one. But doing it all the time makes me feel used like a TRASH can.

Let go of your ego !